Thursday, August 23, 2012

Benefits of Colon Therapy

I am a strong advocate for colon therapy, which is often referred to as colonics or colon hydrotherapy.  My life mentor said many years ago that your health begins in your colon.  Combine your healthy colon with your body’s naturally balanced ecology, which is aided by a healthy diet, and you’ll have a combination that will be a strong force for a healthy body. Colon cleansing is one of the best strategies to keep your intestines and your system in a vibrant state.

Colon Therapy and Colonoscopy Preparation

During colon therapy, a trained and certified colon therapist will use warm water to gently fill and flush out your colon. This process will clean out your colon more thoroughly than other colon cleansing treatments.

In fact, colon therapy is so effective for cleansing; many physicians are beginning to recommend colonics as an effective colonoscopy preparation.  Let’s be honest, anyone who’s had a colonoscopy will tell you the preparation was the hardest part. Colonoscopy preparation consists of drinking a horrible tasting mixture that results in uncomfortable diarrhea.  This procedure is used to clear your bowels for the colonoscopy. Indeed colonoscopy preparation alone may prevent you from having this important early-detection procedure.

New research is showing that colon therapy is a win-win for doctors AND their patients.  With colon therapy, doctors are getting clearer colonoscopy results and their patients have a more comfortable and easier colonoscopy preparation experience.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

Besides colonoscopy preparation, here are significant reasons to cleanse your colon by using colon therapy.

·         Several reasons for using colon therapy include:
·         Constipation
·         Improve your colon health
·         Need an easier colonoscopy preparation
·         Detoxification
·         Desire to support your digestive health.
·         Want to hydrate your body down to the cellular level.
·         May be experiencing signs of “die off”.
·         Are moving from processed foods to a healthier diet, or natural foods program.
·         Flush out bad bacteria, yeast, mucous and old fecal matter from your colon.

Your Body’s ecology system embraces colon therapy. Your healthy body and colon therapy complement each other to cleanse and detoxify your system.

Colon Therapy for Everyone

We can ALL benefit from colon therapy. Whether you are beginning a weight loss program or a detox program, changing your eating habits or simply doing annual “spring cleaning,” cleansing your colon is an excellent way to feel better fast.

Of course, supporting your colon health requires a strong commitment to nourishing your body with natural and healthy foods. Learn more about cleansing your colon by contacting or calling Talya Meldy at 310-391-2017.  

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chakra Knowledge Leads to Self-Understanding

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers that are located at strategic points in yourbody. Ancient knowledge tells us we have seven major Chakras, which correspond to specific levels of our consciousness. Each chakra has its own individual life function. When healing with light therapy, the therapist works with eight major body energy centers along with their corresponding colors. Ancient Greeks wrote extensively about healing with colors. For example, do you have a particular color, which makes you feel good? The Greeks divided the white light into seven colors on the human body, along with specific types of human behavior. These studies are the basis for color therapy. Inner light can stimulate both your consciousness as well as creativity. Your emotions are sensitized to color. Why is red associated with war and blue with relaxation? Color therapy using your chakras helps you to minimize confusion, which is so common in our daily lives. Specifically, these colors will represent concepts including: royalty, power, love, authority, peace, holiness and a wide range of emotions. Color therapy calms, heals, and re-balances your body. Colors balance your mind and emotions.  Let’s discuss specific chakras and their functions in your body.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and stimulates your upper brain. The qualities and lessons we learn from this Chakra are unification of your higher self with the human personality. Possessing a oneness with the infinite is a key function of this chakra. This chakra helps you to deal with daily stressors, which will harm your health.
The Third Eye or Brow Chakra is found near the center of your forehead. It stimulates the lower brain and central nervous system and your vision. We receive our soul realization, intuition, insight, imagination, concentration, peace of mind, devotion, and perception of beyond duality from this chakra.
The Throat Chakra is found near your throat area which is responsible for speech, sound, vibration, and communication. We learn about the power of the spoken word, true communication, creative expression in speech, writing, and the arts from this chakra.
The Heart Chakra is near the center of your chest. It anchors the life-force from the higher self, energizes the blood and your physical body. Its qualities are divine/unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, balance, acceptance, peace and harmony.
The Solar Plexus Chakra is located above the navel and below the chest. It stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, digestive processes, metabolism, and emotions.
The Navel Chakra is associated with the lower abdomen near the navel area. Its functions are associated with procreation, assimilation of food, physical force, vitality and sexuality.
The Root or Base Chakra is located nearthe base of the spine. It gives vitality to the physical body, life-force, survival, self-preservation, and instructs your physical functions. the positive qualities are success, mastery of the body, grounding, individuality, stability, security, health and patience.

Clear Way Health will be delight to provide more information about this new age healing therapy. Call Talya Meldy at 310-391-2017 for more information about how light therapy will change your life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Colorectal Cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  Over 50,000 people die from Colorectal Cancer, which is the second leading cancer causing death in the United States.  Over 90% of Colorectal Cancer cases occur in individuals who are over fifty.  The National guidelines recommend that both men and women over 50 should be screened for Colorectal Cancer by a Colonoscopy.  Those with family histories of Colon Cancer should be tested before the age of 40.

There are 2 major benefits to early screening.  One, if precancerous polyps are found in your colon, they can be removed before turning into a cancer.  Second, screening can find a cancer early so treatment can be implemented. Symptoms of Colon Cancer are: blood in your stools, stomach pain, aches, or cramps that don't go away and unexplained weight loss.

As we mentioned earlier, prevention is your key.  By incorporating a healthy lifestyle, you can assist in the prevention of Colorectal Cancer and other forms of this illness.  A diet high in green, leafy vegetables, fruits, low sugar, close to no red meat, and minimal alcohol will assist your body in functioning at its highest cellular level.  Cancer will not grow when sugar is removed from your diet.  Inflammation or lack of oxygen will also discourage cancer's growth.  By cutting off this supply, we can hopefully ward off this disease.

Along with a good diet and exercise program, detoxing your body on a semi-annual basis is a primary key to having good health.  We recommend colonics during the cleansing process.  Your body works like a well-oiled machine.  If the fluids back up, your machine will not function properly.  It is the same with Colonics.  By cleaning out your colon, we remove built up waste and toxins from your system, which will allow your Liver to function at an optimum level.  We strongly suggest receiving a colonic 1 day prior to a Colonoscopy.  You still need to complete the prep, but it helps you in your colon cleaning process.

If you would like to receive more information regarding colonics, its benefits, and how Clear Way Health can assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, please call Talya Meldy at 310-391-2017 or email at

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colon Detox Protocol from Clear Way Health

Clear Way Health strongly recommends that our clients take a winter colon cleanse.  This cleanse may be for 7, 14, or 21 days depending on your colon health.  We will refer you to a profesional nutritionist who can help you through a 30-day colon detox.  We recommend using Advanced Naturals Organic Total Body Detox.  The ingredients are 100% organic, gluten-free, and use a vegetarian formula.  The cleanse is divided into a 3-phase process.  We suggest that you closely follow the directions in each step.

Step 1. Detox with the Total Body Herbal Cleanse.  These herbs support natural detoxification of your body, vital organs, and blood.

Step 2.  Organic Fiber Blend.  This blend is a combination of multiple fibers that assist in colon cleansing, organ detoxification, and purification.

Step 3.  Organic Colon Cleanse.  Bowel elimination is key during a colon cleanse.  When the colon is clean, the Liver is able to detoxify naturally.  This allows your Liver to perform without stress.  The key ingredients in this step assist in soothing and comforting the bowels during elimination.  We strongly recommend colonicss during this time.  Hydrating the Colon is energizing, relaxing, and completely detoxifying.

In addition to using the Organic Total Body Detox, we highly recommend taking FishMax Ultra.  This supplement contains 300mg of EPA and 200 of DHA which supports the brain, eyes, kidneys, and heart functions.  You may choose to do an "oil change"' with fresh EFA Blend and Toceutrinals, which is a Vitamin E premium source.

Taking a good probiotic is strongly recommended whether you are cleansing or not.  Advanced Naturals Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion has over 30 Billion cultures in one capsule (30 billion, 50 billion, Vaginal Balance & critical 200 billion, especially after antibiotics)!  These probiotics are good for beginners who are just srtarting a new colon cleanse or seeking a daily maintenance program.  The 10 Lactobacillus and Bifido strains support both your large and small intestinal microflora.  These strains can help mild to moderate digestive irregularities, relieve occasaional constipation, diarrhea, and optimizes intestinal immune health.  We offer simple Yeast Max Cleanse that has Oregano Oil and other yeast killers if you want to wash/flush out your dead yeast with colonics and replenish the "good bacteria." 

For more information, please contact Clear Way Health at 310-391-2017 or for more information regarding this cleanse and others that we support.

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Natural Cold Remedies

Last year we sent you a blog about natural cold remedies.  We want to improve your health by repeating this valuable information.  Cold season is upon us!  Well, it might not feel like cold season living in Southern California, but people are catching colds again this winter.  We don't know when a cold will strike, but it's best for your health to know which natural cold agents can be used to fight your symptoms.  We want you to be prepared.

1. Zinc has been known to have anti-viral properties.  While Zinc cannot prevent a cold, this mineral does possess properties which are known to prevent the formation of certain proteins that viruses use to reproduce themselves.  Zinc should be taken within the first 24 hours of your symptoms.
2. Vitamin C.  Once your symptoms appear, 2000mg/day is recommended.  Too much Vitamin C can cause diarrhea or an upset stomach.  Lypo-C is a highly concentrated Vitamin with minimal sugar and can be taken straight out of the packet or diluted with water.  This product is "nanized" to bypass digestion.
3.  Chicken Soup or Miso Soup.  There is something about chicken soup which makes us feel fetter.  Properties in chicken soup have some inflammation  properties.  Miso soup might also help in reducing inflammation and releasing toxins.
4.  Tea remedy.  Steep some herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey, a small shot of whisky, and a squeeze of lemon.  This formula may ease your congestion, soothe your throat, and help you to sleep.  Don't drink too much because alcohol will suppress your immune system.  Gasoven (formerly stomach complex) has enzymes, green tea and ginger to make an excellent stomach tea.
5.  Steam.  Inhaling steam often helps with congestion.  Whether a humidifier or sitting in a steaming bathroom, breathing in steam can help relieve congestion in your nasal passages.
6.  Neti Pot.  Nasal irrigation helps clear the nasal passages.  Warm water mixed with a saline solution can assist in relief from sinus pressure, facial pain, and other sinus symptoms.
7.  Water.  Drinking plenty of water helps you to flush your body of toxins and keeps you hydrated, even when that cold suppresses your appetite.  We have an excellent product that neutralizes free radicals, alkalizes, and is far more potent that an ionizer machine.  This product is very inexpensive when compared to an ionizing machine.
8.  Rest.  Nothing is better for the body than sleep.  It allows the body to restore itself and fight off infection.  Melatonin, which helps you sleep, is very important in curing a cold.

For more information about natural remedies to fight off colds, please contact Talya Meldy at 310-391-2017 or

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