Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Is Vitamin D A Key To Your Health

Vitamin D is essential for control of normal levels of Calcium and Phosphorus in your blood. Vitamin D helps your system with the absorption of Calcium and is the primary ingredient necessary in forming and maintaining healthy bones. In adults, this vitamin helps in the prevention of Osteoporsis and muscle weakness. Vitamin D protects children against Rickets. Key medical studies have revealed a correlation between low Vitamin D levels and children with diabetes and tuberculosis.

Vitamin D is extemely important for individuals with Thyroid issues. The ability or inability of the Thyroid to work properly is related to the presence or absence of Vitamin D. Vitamin D needs to be present at sufficient levels in your cells in order for the thyroid hormone to affect your system.

Vitamin D is recognized as the sunshine vitamin because the body manufactures it through the ultraviolet-B rays of the sun. Just 10 minutes a day of sunshine is needed to received the benefits from Vitamin D. 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week is also sufficient to receive this wonderful health benefit. Two forms of Vitamin D, D2 and D3, are important to human health. When exposed to sunshine, the skin synthesizes D3. Foods may be fortified with either the D2 or D3 form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in fatty fish, eggs, fortified orange juice or milk. Many foods do not contain Vitamin D and supplements are usually recommended to make up for the deficiency.

Clear Way Health markets D3 Serum, which provides a rich, live source of natural Vitamin D. This product does not contain any fillers or toxins. One drop of D3 Serum gives you 2000 IU daily.

A word of caution-taking too much Vitamin D may cause a high absorption of Calcium, which may lead to Calcium deposits in the heart and lungs. This can also lead to kidney stones and possible kidney failure. Before starting a vitamin program, consult a physician.

If you wish to receive additional information about the proper use of Vitamin D, D3 or other health supplements, please telephone Talya Meldy at Clear Way Health, 310-391-2017. Your vitality is only a phone call away.

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