Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's All Breathe

Does breathing improve your health? Breathing is a healthy, innate, and natural function. We never think about breathing. When we are asleep, it's something we just keep on doing. Why is breathing so important?

When properly done, breathing can help you develop exponentially. Breathing enables you to acquire a greater sense of power, balance, and a sharpening of your mental and physical coordination. Breathing deeply equals instant energy.

Life is demanding and stressful. Work, family, children, and traffic continually cause our frustrations to build. Our physical and mental energies need to adapt quickly to life's changes in order to copy with tension. Relaxation breathing techniques are available through meditation, DVD, CD, yoga classes, and hypnosis. No matter what type of relaxation technique you choose, learning a form of breathing is always a gift. We can use breath as a way to stimulate inner energies. By making sure that the air you breathe is effectively inhaled, energized, and exhaled, you can improve your health and bring life to all your physical movements and expressions. Using your core center, which is located near your navel, proper breathing allows your center to become a strong pivotal point for your physical, mental, emotional overall balance and control.

Our bodies have limitless potential to adapt for all types of living situations. By utilizing the natural gifts we are given, i..e. breathing, we are able to re-direct and focus our efforts in a more positive way. Negativity causes toxins to build up in your system. Stress can cause illness. By effectively handling stress, through breathing, you can limit the effects of unhealthy stresses and thus help you in preventing disease.

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