Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Losing Weight Through Colonics

The holidays are here. You've put on 10 extra pounds. You know that weight which you promised yourself that you would never gain back again? New Years is coming and you resolved to take that weight off. Summer will be here before you know it and you will want to fit into that great bikini or awesome swim suit, which you bought during the fall sale.

Changing your diet is the first step towards losing weight. Sugar, carbohydrates, soda, bread, fake tasty foods have toxins which build up in your colon. These toxins cause your weight to increase, believe it or not. By changing the way you eat (eating cleaner) our bodies get the appropriate nutrients they need to function normally and we have more energy to exercise.

Colonics can help you in the weight loss process. Colonics is the process of cleansing your colon by inserting warm purified water into the colon. The fluids are allowed to sit inside the digestive tract for a few minutes to soften hard waste. When the waste is flushed out of your body, all of the those excess unhealthy toxins depart with them. You weigh less and fell great. Colonics are a safe and effective way to reduce the excess bloating caused by toxic foods that are built up and by undigested foods.

Removing toxins from your body helps you to lose weight because fat is the body's main defense against those unsanitary toxins. If you clean your intestinal walls from those unhealthy toxins, you are taking that first critical step towards cleansing your body from storing those weight gaining waste products. With your intestines clean you are able to absorb healthy nutrients.

Clogged or blocked intestines translate into the body's inability to absorb the healthy nutrients necessary for our body to function normally. A healthy colon can create a healthy body. Even if you go to the bathroom regularly, it's shocking how much is stored up.

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