Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alkaline vs Acidic Foods

The answer to the alkaline verses acidic debate is balance. Arguing which is better for you will hinder the process of creating overall body health. We hear these words alkaline and acidic in terms of our diet and constitution. The question of knowing which is better for you and what foods should be consumed is an ongoing debate in the wellness industry. We should eat with a goal of creating the best balance for our bodies.

Most of the foods we consume after digestion are absorbed and metabolized into the bloodstream. These foods release either an acid or alkaline base into our system. Our blood consistently fluctuates between an alkaline and acidic base. When we eat foods that are more acidic, our system balance is thrown off, thus increasing the levels of toxins in our bodies. The causes of this imbalance are excessive fats, bad carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tea (not herbal) and soda. The acid causes our system to function improperly. Over acidic systems equals more inflammation and excessive mucus in the body. In order to maintain good health, we needs to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies (what we eat, drink, breathe, absorb, and what we think). Those individuals who maintain a healthy alkaline state are consuming substances such as vitamins, minerals, and water.

One good way to prevent and avoid disease is to maintain your body at a higher alkaline state. Statistically, those individuals who have a slightly higher alkaline body are healthier than those with a higher acidic state. When we eat foods and use products that allow our bodies to detoxify, we will achieve and maintain a healthier and more alkaline body. Some great examples of alkaline foods include: fresh fruits, vegetables, roots, tubers, nuts, and legumes. Mineral supplements, such as Original Quinton, are also an effective way to maintain an alkaline body. By eating alkaline foods, we free our bodies of toxins that cause us to be bloated, constipated, have poor brain function, and feel weak overall. Alkaline balance equals detoxification, higher energy levels, and weight loss.

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