Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Side Effects To Probiotics

Are there side effects to probiotics? Side effects caused by comsumption of probiotics are rare. Some patients report digestive symptoms, which include: gas, bloating, or slight alterations to a person's metabolic activity. If consumed in large doses, probiotics have been known to overly stimulate the body's immune system. We strongly advise our clients to engage a health counselor, physician, or nutritionist to help you to prevent these uncommon effects. Colonics in combination with probiotics will help you to stop gas and bloating. Most people ingest probiotics in a tablet form or by consuming a natural probiotic producing foods. A good reason to consider probiotics as a part of your diet is based upon their track record of preventing system deficiencies of helpful baterias, which are caused by the processed foods we eat. The friendly bacterias reduce digestive symptoms from patients who suffer from commonly known stomach problems.

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