Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Colon Detox Works

Colon detox works through the process of implementing a modern technique, known as colon irrigation. A small tube is inserted into the rectum to allow warm water to flow into the colon. The accumulated fecal matter is naturally flushed out of your system. Fecal matter has been known to remain in your digestive system for a considerable length of time. Flushing out these toxins allows the body to regenerate.

Colon detoxification is a safe way to improve your health. The colon removes wastes from the body. If the colon is not functioning properly, fecal matter and other wastes remain in the system. Talya Meldy, a California Board Certified Colon Therapist strongly recommends cleaning your colon on a regular basis. She believes that if wastes are not eliminated in a timely manner, the body reabsorbs the harmful toxins. Talya believes that this debris can cause a range of diseases, including skin problems, digestive disorders, heart disease and cancer. There are several methods to clean out the colon, but colon irrigation produces the strongest results.
Detoxifying with colon hydrotherapy in combination with living a better lifestyle can improve your health. You can achieve this goal by improving the diet, which probably is the best way to get the colon to clean itself with regular bowel movements. Adding more fiber to the diet, such as fruits and green vegetables is a good way to increase bulk. Fiber helps to make stools soft and bulky so they can easily pass through the intestines.

Staying hydrated each day is very important for soft stools. Drinking at least 8 glasses of fluids a day facilitates bowel movements by eliminating constipation, which is caused by infrequent bowel activity. Eating organic foods also helps the colon. By ingesting fewer toxins, the digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to filter out and remove these harmful substances.

Exercise is also important in detoxifying the colon. The muscles of the colon push out the fecal matter by a series of rhythmic contractions. When exercising, all the muscles of the body are put into action, including the intestinal muscles. All types of physical activity, including yoga, walking, and running will clean out the colon.

There are other methods for cleaning the colon. If a change in diet doesn't seem to help you with waste removal, there are other remedies to try. There are herbal colon cleaners on the market that bring about bowel movements, for example; herbs including aloe vera that facilitate bowel movement by stimulating muscular action in the colon.

Other options include over-the-counter drugs like laxatives and stool softeners. Both of these products add bulk by removing water from the colon to make the fecal matter larger and softer. Enema kits are also available. These kits inject water into the lower colon to loosen up the wastes so they can be easily passed.

Colonic irrigation is a more involved technique. This is a procedure that is performed by experienced colon therapists. A small tube containing soft flowing warm water is inserted into the rectum to flush out the colon. Clients tell us they feel increased energy after the procedure has been completed.

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