Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Importance Of Minerals

Did you know we can trace every sickness, every disease and every aliment to a mineral deficiency? Did you know that physical, mental, and moral fitness depends largely upon an ample supply and a proper proportion of minerals in our foods? 99% of Americans are deficient in these minerals. When essential minerals are depleted or missing altogether. Our bodies can't optimally process the food we eat. This leaves us malnourished and susceptible to diseases. When minerals are not present, vitamins can't do the job they are supposed to perform.

Restoring and re-establishing our bodies mineral balance is one of the first steps we can take towards restoring wellness and excellent health. Original Quinton is a wonderful resource to assist in that balancing process. It can be taken orally under the tongue, or rectally during a colon hydrotherapy session. Some clients report immediate improvement after taking a Quinton Colonic in their digestion and elimination.

Quinton Marine Plasma is an organic, bio-available and complete mineral supplement that is taken from the center of a protected vortex plankton in the open ocean off the coast of France. All the major and minor minerals (and trace elements) are found in naturally-occurring Quinton marine plasma. This complete mineral supplement is harvested and processed according to Dr. Quinton's protocol.

This supplement facilitates the re-establishment of your body's properly mineral balance and allows for the absorption of nutrients and vitamins provided in our food. Original Quinton replenishes the 78 minerals that your body needs, feeds your body's beneficial bacteria, catalyzes your micro-enzymes, and nourishes your body.

Contact Talya Meldy at Clear Way Health at 310-391-2017 or for more information about Original Quinton.

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