Thursday, November 11, 2010

why Is The Liver So Important and How Do We Cleanse It?

Cleansing the Liver is vital to your health because it is essential to critical life functions. the Liver's main functions include: processing nutrients from the food we eat, creating bile, removing harmful toxins from the body, and to manufacture those essential proteins we need for our long-lasting health. Your body's blood must pass through the Liver. The Liver removes unhealthy poisons from your blood and prevents these harmful toxins from making you feel sick. When the Liver isn't functioning properly, these destructive toxins can't effectively be removed from your system. the toxins build and begin to cause health problems.

Before you cleanse your Liver, clean your colon first. As stated, a major function of the Liver is to clean the blood. The best method to help your Liver accomplish this important task is to clean your colon first. This freshly cleansed blood flowing from your Liver will not be contaminated by harmful toxins. If your colon is obstructed with years of accumulated waste, the massive amounts of toxins, which must be removed by a Liver cleanse cannot easily be eliminated. It is extremely important to clean the colon before a Liver cleanse. The most effective way to cleanse the colon is through Colonics. Excess waste and toxins are eliminated through this time-tested process. A Liver cleanse helps clean and detoxify your Liver and it's one of the most effectives ways you can treat your body. Cleansing the Liver will help with bowel regularity, bloating, flatulence, and diet. A Liver Cleansing Diet provides nutrients to clean your Liver and support healing which restroes the body's healthy functions. This diet requires you to consume healthy whoel foods, eat lots of fruits and vegetables (preferably raw) and drink large amounts of water to flush the toxins out of your system. You can add fish twice a week for protein. Basically 80% of your diet should be raw foods and 20% consisting of healthy cooked foods. A key benefits for you is that you will lose some unwanted weight. cleansing poisionous toxins from your Liver will re-open bile ducts, restore energy, and heal the body.

A word of with any detoxifying process, you could experience symptoms, such as: headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. These are possible side effects. A Liver cleanse will affect everyone differently.

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